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    Newborn Memories

    I can’t believe my baby is almost 1… I am planning his one year cake smash and birthday party, while looking back at old photos (yes, this is the same big baby I took taking the sink bath). I took the above photo at the hospital with my iPhone the day after he was born. So, I thought it would be fun to do a creative edit of this photo: So what did I change? The Trees: I wanted the photo to be about light, so I took away the green from the open window and made the window bright and white. Smudges: I minimized the smudges on baby’s bed…

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    Baby Sink Bath

    If you follow my main Instagram account, you know that every so often I upload a handful of session photos taken of my children and have people vote on the one they want me to creatively edit. The first photo at the top of this post is the final edit of the winning photo. Here were the photos I had my followers vote on: The 3rd photo won. The last photo was close to winning but lost by 1 vote in the final hour. So what did I change? Lately, I’ve been trying to stop adjusting color so much during final editing. It takes up a lot of time and…

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    Cousins and Siblings

    Session: Family, Children Occasion: Gift for Grandparents Location: Conejo Creek North Park in Thousand Oaks, California (Ventura County) Theme: Fall, Woods, Nature Photographer: Rosalind Prieto Photography