Hello! My name is Rosalind Prieto. I am known to be a “busy bee”. I’m always working on something, in all aspects of my life: personal, family and career. I’m a Sales Leader in the mortgage industry, Wife, and Mother of two. I love projects, especially all things creative: photography and editing, video, writing, etc.

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I am Vietnamese American. Born and raised in San Jose, CA (Bay Area/Silicon Valley). I met my husband in college at UC Santa Cruz, and later moved to his hometown in Ventura County (Southern California).

At work, I am known as Chief of Snacks. I am always thinking about what to eat next (but can never decide). I love food.

I once lost an eating contest at work by finishing four and a half Big Macs in 30 minutes, while coworkers watched. I love Big Macs, but not as much as I love Taco Bell…and Pepsi.

I have a BA in Business Economics from UC Santa Cruz, and an MBA from California Lutheran University, with an emphasis in Marketing.

I was pregnant with my oldest, Addy when I started my MBA program. During that time, I was working full-time, commuting between L.A. and Ventura County for work, and going to on-campus classes in the evenings (6-9pm). I gave birth to Addy two days after finishing my finals during the first year of the program.

When I graduated from my MBA program, I was pregnant with my youngest, Gabriel (“Baby”). I skipped my graduation ceremony because it was right before I was due.

I enjoy Sales & Marketing, which has me comfortable speaking to people and curious about social platforms.

Currently, I am creating video content for our YouTube Channel: Rosalind Prieto: My Family Rules.

We’re an Asian (Vietnamese), Mexican mixed-race family with 3 rules: laugh often, eat well, and live adventurously. We explore family, self-care, lifestyle, and food.

I post daily on Instagram stories, and occasionally will create videos for TikTok/Reels.

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