Tips For Making Awesome Holiday Photos (And Memories) With Your Family This Season

While I love the idea of family photos it’s easy to let the stress of putting everything together get in the way of fun and enjoyment – that holiday feeling! Well, I won’t let the stress of taking bad photos, finding a location, getting everyone together or grumpy kids stop me, and neither should you. Tips from my good friend and family photographer, Nicole Wise will help you set up an easy session with fantastic photos to show for it.

Diffusing Tantrums Without Breaking Down Our Children (Cheat Sheet)

“‘Our job as parents is to grow up children who are hardy. Not children who are hardened,’ she explained in an essay for The Huffington Post. ‘Children who are hardy can weather the storms of life. Children who are hardened cannot, and instead tend to shut down and have ineffective coping strategies.'” – Vanessa Lapointe via Evan Porter, Upworthy