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Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Rosalind, and I am a photographer based in Ventura County, Southern California.

I am a natural light photographer and my focus is photographing babies, children and families to capture and document everyday moments, milestones and emotions.

Using a journalistic approach to photography, I provide images that tell your family’s unique story.

Lifestyle Family Photography

A lifestyle family session is a modern, journalistic approach to family photography. I offer in-home or outdoor sessions. Each session will tell your family’s unique story.

Our sessions will document your life and style. Photos are unposed, and in the moment (with a little help from me to get you started).

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Maternity & Newborn

A new baby joining your family is a special event, whether it’s your first, second or fourth child.

A Maternity Session is a beautiful way to celebrate your pregnancy and motherhood. We can do a solo photoshoot or include your partner and children.

A Fresh 48 Session (my favorite!) is a lifestyle session where I photograph your baby and family at the hospital, within 48 hours of birth. During my visit to the hospital, I will photograph the special moment with you and your new baby, and the family coming together (siblings’ first meeting). Read more about Fresh 48 Sessions here.

Newborn Sessions are ideally taken within the first 10 days of life. After 10 days would be fine too, but keep in mind that they will likely be sleeping less, and therefore a little bit harder to photograph.

My newborn sessions are taken on location at your home and are mostly lifestyle, unposed and unprompted — in the moment.

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Baby’s 1 Year Birthday

Cake Smash Sessions have been trending as a fun way to capture your baby’s first year milestone. You can do it at an outdoor location or in-home, with or without props. You just need a cake in front of that baby, and then let the baby try to eat the cake to mark their big milestone!

My sessions are mostly lifestyle — unposed and unprompted. Parents and siblings are free to join baby in front of the camera to interact with baby so we can capture real moments and raw emotion.

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Other Celebrations

Birthday Parties, Baptisms, Intimate Weddings, Civil Ceremonies or Court Marriages, Graduations, etc.


Contact Information

(805) 405-1950