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How to Be Like the Tiger This Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

2022 is the ‘Year of the Tiger’ — specifically the Year of the Water Tiger. The New Year is all about ambition, adventure, and risk-taking. Tigers are active and courageous. They love a good challenge and lead adventurous lives.

Other traits of a Tiger:

Ambitious | Vigorous | Tenacious | Fiercely independent | Courageous | Strong self-esteem | Daring | Self-confident | Lively | Cheerful

I wasn’t born Year of the Tiger, but I was lucky enough to inherit these traits from my Mom (a Tiger). If you were born 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, or 1998, you were born in the Year of the Tiger.

Even if you weren’t, this year is the perfect time to embrace your inner Tiger and be more ambitious.

Ambition is when you have the determination and drive to achieve your goals. It can be the fire that fuels you to achieve what you want in life. Tigers know how to stay passionate and motivated, showing a single-minded focus on their pursuit.

What does the Year of the Tiger hold for us and how can we learn to embrace the Tiger within?

Here are some ways to lean into the Year of the Tiger:

1. Keep good company.

Are you hanging out with ambitious people? Keeping the right company can help motivate and inspire. It’s hard to be lazy in a room full of highly-productive people. Networking is a great way to familiarize yourself with the habits of successful people. If you’re looking for a mentor, the best mentors are where you want to be and can help guide you towards the same place.

2. Ambition isn’t just about money.

The motivation to achieve isn’t about greed or money. Sure, money is a great motivator but a courageous Tiger is also driven by their ideals. They have a vision of what they want to achieve and it’s often driven by their spiritual beliefs, morality, or highest pursuits. Set goals that align with your values and long-term objectives.

3. Be bold.

Tigers tend to be entrepreneurial and brave, oftentimes making choices that would make other people feel anxious. 2022 is the year for risk-taking. No more hiding in the shadows. It’s time to be bold. If you’re not a Tiger, this can be an uncomfortable shift to make and it may come with a few bumps along the way. Mistakes are a part of the process but they’re worth it to embrace new opportunities.

4. Grow your confidence.

Maybe you’re not a self-confident, natural leader like a Tiger. If you want to grow your confidence, work on positive thinking. I am capable. I am talented. I am confident. When you repeat self-affirming mantras every day, they can become your reality. Find some phrases that speak to you and make them a part of your routine.

5. Keep setting goals.

Tigers thrive in environments where they reinvent themselves and can be tenacious about achieving their goals. But they don’t just stop when they reach them. They are continually setting goals. This Year of the Tiger, don’t just achieve your goals and cross them off the list – replace them with new ones.

6. Don’t be afraid of competition.

Don’t be afraid of a little competition with yourself. This is your year to focus on yourself. Don’t worry about comparing yourself or trying to keep up with the Joneses. Forget competing with everyone else. Compete with yourself by finding new ways to challenge yourself and grow. When you’re focused on pushing yourself towards your goals, the other noise will fade to the background where it belongs.

7. Reflect with pride. 

The Year of the Tiger can build your self-esteem if you continue to reflect on your many achievements. Find ways to measure your progress towards your goals and don’t be afraid to celebrate your wins along the way. Take pride in the risks you’ve taken and the courage you’ve shown. Build your confidence by reminding yourself how capable you are.

These tips should give you a good start to a fresh and fierce Year of the Tiger. Do you share any of the characteristics of a Tiger or is this year presenting new challenges and opportunities? Are you ready to embrace this year with more ambition, boldness, and confidence than ever before?

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