What is a Cake Smash Session?

Baby Turns 1

Cake Smash Sessions have been trending as a fun way to capture your baby’s first year milestone. You have it done at an outdoor location or in-home, with or without props. All you need is a cake in front of your baby, and then just let their curiosity (or sweet tooth) take over!

My sessions are mostly lifestyle — unposed and unprompted. Parents and siblings are free to join baby in front of the camera to interact with baby so we can capture real moments and raw emotion.

Based on what I have, I may be able to provide a few props upon request. If you would like to set up your own props, most Moms use items that they plan to reuse for baby’s first birthday party. If you’re tight on budget, I recommend simple things such as a banner (could be DIY) and balloons. Typically, the cake is professionally made, but I’ve also seen some nice DIY cakes. 

Some quick tips for the cake:

  • No chocolate cake
  • No red or chocolate frosting
  • No fondant

 Note: Don’t forget to prepare baby a towel and an extra change of clothes. They really get into that cake!

Not interested in a Cake Smash? We’ll just do the same thing minus the cake.

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