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Cake Smash Sessions have been trending as a fun way to capture your baby’s first year milestone. You can do it at an outdoor location or in-home, with or without props. You just need a cake in front of that baby and let the baby try to eat the cake. If you’ve never seen a baby go at a cake, then you are missing out. It is the most adorable thing…better than watching them eat a lemon for the first time.

I don’t provide props, outfits or the cake, but I could help you come up with ideas. For props, most Moms use items that tie in with their baby’s birthday party theme. If you’re tight on budget, I recommend simple things such as a banner (could be DIY) and balloons. Typically, the cake is professionally made, but I’ve also seen some nice DIY cakes. Whether we use props or not, use professional or DIY cakes, the important thing is that we have a consistent color theme.

Some quick tips for the cake:

  • No chocolate cake
  • No red frosting
  • No fondant
  • Talk to the baker about the colors for the cake (to match your color theme)

 Note: Don’t forget to bring baby an extra change of clothes. They really get into that cake!

Locations: Oxnard, Camarillo, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Westlake Village and other cities within Ventura County

Not interested in a Cake Smash? We’ll just do the same thing minus the cake.

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