The Go-Gurt-Popsicle-Otter Pop Conspiracy

There was a phase when my 18-month old was obsessed with Popsicles. At one point she would have tantrums at dinnertime and wanted nothing else — screaming, crying and pointing in the direction of the freezer.

It took some work but I managed to switch her to Otter Pops, and then eventually to half of one.

Finally, I had her set up to introduce frozen Go-Gurts which had similar shape and size to Otter Pops. When she tasted it for the first time she appeared skeptical but continued eating and finished it! And she liked it!

Yes, it’s still sugary but it’s not too sweet (taste) and at least she gets some protein from it. Also, it didn’t seem to have the same addictive quality that Popsicle had. She didn’t have tantrums over it and could go days or weeks without having one or asking for one. A win for Mom!

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