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    Baby Ellie’s Fresh 48 Session | Ventura, CA

    It was a special day when I got the message from Dad Emery that Baby Ellie was born and that Mom Cynthia was doing fine recovering from the delivery. They sent me picture of her, and boy did she look just like her older sister! I also thought that she looked more like her Mom than her sister did, but that’s still up for debate. I was over the moon when it was finally time for me to head to the hospital for Baby’s Ellie Fresh 48 Session. I arrived to a very quiet hospital room. Mom Cynthia was freshening up, and Baby Ellie was just peacefully asleep in her…

  • Newborn

    What is a Fresh 48 Session

    A Fresh 48 Session is a photo session taken at the hospital within the first 48 hours after baby’s birth. It’s a lifestyle session capturing special first moments with parents and baby, and may include siblings meeting for the first time, first diaper change, nursing, etc. The session goes at the pace of Mom and Baby, depending on their health, energy level and how they feel, so sessions may vary. Why add a Fresh 48 session to your traditional Newborn session? 📌 you don’t have to worry about getting anyone ready…you’re still in the hospital with nurses to help you (as we know, things tend to get hectic after you…

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