Lifestyle Family Photography | Ventura County & Westlake Village, CA

A lifestyle family session is a modern, journalistic approach to family photography. I offer in-home or outdoor sessions. Each session will tell your family’s unique story.

In-home sessions document everyday moments and memories in the comforts of your own home. For example, kids building forts in the living room, or the family circling around to put up the Christmas tree.

Outdoor sessions capture your family in your favorite spots outside of your home. It could be your family’s favorite park, beach or hiking location. It could be where you vacation, ski or camp.

Our sessions will document your life and style. Photos are unposed, and in the moment (with a little help from me to get you started). As your photographer, I want the kids to run around and have fun, I want to capture you playing with each other, joking and laughing. I will capture these moments with minimal interference, stopping only to offer suggestions or direction to help you get more comfortable and forget that I am there. Your family will interact with each other as if I am not there. I let your natural interactions and connection with each other inspire me and provide direction for our session. Don’t worry, you’ll still hear me tell everyone when to look at the camera, but most of our session will be focused on capturing candid moments.

Let’s have a session!