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Baby Sink Bath

If you follow my main Instagram account, you know that every so often I upload a handful of session photos taken of my children and have people vote on the one they want me to creatively edit. The first photo at the top of this post is the final edit of the winning photo.

Here were the photos I had my followers vote on:

The 3rd photo won. The last photo was close to winning but lost by 1 vote in the final hour.

So what did I change?

Lately, I’ve been trying to stop adjusting color so much during final editing. It takes up a lot of time and the possibilities are endless. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and style. You’ll find that my photos are mostly earth tones mixed with vibrant colors (the flower, for example).

Soap bubbles: I was a little disappointed when photo #3 won. One of the elements of the other photos I liked was the pile of soap bubbles sitting in the sink. I had a good laugh during the session because I put way too much bath bubbles in the sink and by the end of the session poor Baby Gabriel was lost in a mountain of bubbles. So of course in the final edit I put the bubbles back in the sink, using the last photo to get it done.

Pink flowers: During the session I intentionally put the flowers by the sink to add some color. When reviewing the photo on my Mac I didn’t like how it came out of Gabriel’s head, making it look like he was wearing a flower in his hair. So what did I do for the final edit? I thickened the flowers to make it look more like a bouquet of flowers. I did so by cloning the same flower over and over again until it looked natural.

Magical elements: After everything was done I was missing the magical element I try to incorporate in all my work. So I added boosts of light to the windows and of course, the floating bubbles! I took a bubble from a free photo from and blended it into my photo. All the bubbles you see in the final edit are variations of the same one bubble. Finding the right bubble wasn’t easy and I couldn’t find more, so I had to work with what I had. I took the same bubble, duplicated it and placed it in different places, changing the size as needed.

Other: One thing that bothered me was the cabinet hanging directly above Gabriel’s head. It’s dark and big, and I can’t easily remove it. A quick remedy, not necessarily a fix, but something I could live with was to make it less prominent in the photograph. So I added a gradient and blended it in.

So there you have it. Here it is again:

Let me know what you think!

Session: Children, Baby

Occasion: Just for Fun

Location: In-home, Kitchen Sink

Theme: Everyday Magic

Photographer: Rosalind Prieto Photography

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