Baby Ellie’s Fresh 48 Session | Ventura, CA

It was a special day when I got the message from Dad Emery that Baby Ellie was born and that Mom Cynthia was doing fine recovering from the delivery. They sent me picture of her, and boy did she look just like her older sister! I also thought that she looked more like her Mom than her sister did, but that’s still up for debate.

I was over the moon when it was finally time for me to head to the hospital for Baby’s Ellie Fresh 48 Session. I arrived to a very quiet hospital room. Mom Cynthia was freshening up, and Baby Ellie was just peacefully asleep in her bed. She was such a precious angel.

It was just us three for a little bit, while Dad Emery went to go pick up (new) Big Sister Emmy for our session. She’s two.

During my time with just Mom and Baby, I had the honor of witnessing some sweet moments: snuggles, kisses, playing with fingers and toes, nursing.

When Big Sister Emmy arrived she was shy with Baby Ellie so we took it easy with her, and somehow we managed to get a big smile from her sitting next to Baby Ellie. Even though she was determined not to do it, we caught her enjoying her new baby sister. Like the rest of us, she just couldn’t resist!

It was a joy for me to photograph this family and Baby Ellie for her Fresh 48 Session at Ventura County Medical Center in Ventura.


I can’t wait to see the lady that you will become — to watch you grow up, and see all the amazing things you will do. If you ever come to question if you are loved. There is no doubt that there’s an abundance of love for you. I was there, and I captured it for you to look back on. I hope to capture more memories for you in the future – Rosalind Prieto, always your photographer

Hospital – Ventura County Medical Center, Ventura, California

Matching Maternity Set – ComfyMommy, Lucknow, India

Photography – Rosalind Prieto Photography

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