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Addy’s 3rd Birthday – Part Two


You’ll see me say it again in later posts about planning Addy’s birthday party, but one of the things I recommend people do when planning a party is to imagine how you would like the photos to look. Think of the photos you’ll collect after the party. What do you see? You probably imagined a nice family photo. How did you look? In today’s post we’ll focus on how to put a group outfit together that will look great in photos.

For Addy’s party we had Billy Dickson from Just Shoot Me Photography come to capture the event for us. It was perfect because while I was running around coordinating the day of I didn’t get to see everything that was going on. Fortunately, I have 700+ professional photos to look back on to enjoy all the little details that I missed.

Knowing that our family would be photographed, we made a last minute shopping trip to Old Navy to find new outfits for us, everyone except for my husband. He already had something in mind to wear, so it was just me and the kids.

I started thinking about the ice cream party theme, the pastel colors of mostly pink and blue. Addy, the birthday girl, would need to stand out a bit, so I wanted to find something that wasn’t pink.

Most people assume that to stand out you have to wear bold colors. Actually, neutral colors look amazing in photos. A neutral colored outfit lets your features stand out, while also complementing the colors that come from your backdrop or surroundings. Knowing that the party would be full of color (mostly pink), I settled on the following outfit. A gray and cream dress that made me think of vanilla ice cream.

This was perfect! The dress was comfortable and soft for Addy to wear and play for the party. Since the party would be at an indoor children’s playground, she needed to be comfortable.

After you pick the main outfit, you can start to pick the other outfits to complement, sticking to the theme. Most people would try to pick exact matching outfits. It’s easy to shop that way, but when you take photos in exact matching outfits you start to blend together. Ideally, every individual should stand out but still look like part of the group. It’s better to stick to a general color scheme than to match each other exactly.

For Baby Gabriel’s outfit I found this pink and white vertical striped shirt with a bow tie that made me think of a an old-time ice cream shop owner. Perfect. The pink and white complement both the party and Addy’s dress. The light blue pants went well with the pink and blue ice cream color scheme we had for the party.

Okay, Mom’s turn.

At this point I could go with pink, cream, gray or light blue. I happened to find a shirt I like in pink and decided to go with light blue jeans to match the baby. My idea was that my husband would wear a gray shirt with jeans, the baby would be with my husband in photos and Addy with me. Done.

Here’s my outfit added:

I can’t wait to show you our photos from the party. Stay tuned, more posts to come.

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