Rosalind Prieto

What I Write About

I am leaning into my strengths, which includes writing articles about mortgage, sales, marketing, productivity, goal-setting & planning, and time management. I want to be a resource and voice for sales and mortgage professionals, especially women and AAPI leaders, and aspiring leaders. I want people to engage, and feel connected to me when reading what I write. The ultimate goal is to build human connections. 

I also need a home to merge my professional and personal interests. My Instagram is full of fun videos, cooking and baking, which is a huge contrast to what I post on LinkedIn. My personal website seems like a safe place where the two worlds can co-exist.

About Me

My name is Rosalind Prieto (some call me Rosie, but I prefer Rosalind).

I am a proud Mom, and happiest when spending time with my husband and our two kids. We love cooking, food adventures and trips to the beach (especially living in Southern California). I enjoy creative projects such as writing, photography, and making short videos on social media. Sometimes, I manage to pick up a book and actually read it.

When I’m not cooking or baking with the kids, I am a sales leader passionate about building high-performance teams that drive revenue, and creating a culture of diversity, inclusion and collaboration.

Known for being capable and having great intuition and versatility, I thrive in growth environments requiring flexibility, creativity and strong process-driven and strategic focus. I love a good challenge, and enjoy cross-departmental collaboration and the feeling when things get done and problems are solved.

I’ve been with PennyMac for almost 4 years, where I’ve achieved success in different roles, including building a national sales support team and growing our top accounts. I am a two-time recipient of our Circle of Champions award, recognized for my performance and growth in sales and business development. On occasion I’ve been asked to speak on time management and efficiency, social media, and various sales topics such as setting goals and planning. I enjoy mentoring and networking.

I have over 13 years of experience in financial services, working for Fortune 500 companies such as JPMorgan, Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley. I received my MBA from California Lutheran University with an emphasis in Marketing, and my BA from UC Santa Cruz in Economics with an emphasis in Accounting.

Fun Facts:

  • I am the oldest sister of three, and consider myself their second Mom (whether they agree or not, lol). 
  • I am a second-generation daughter of immigrants, and the first in my family to attend and graduate from a university.
  • I once LOST a Big Mac eating contest by finishing 4 and a half Big Macs in 30 minutes (he won with 5 and a half)
  • In 2015, while working full-time and pregnant with my first child, I started a fully-employed MBA program…on campus!
  • In 2017, while pregnant with my second child and still working full-time, I completed the MBA program and graduated with an emphasis in Marketing. I also hold a B.A. in Business Management Economics.
  • I have served on multiple non-profit boards, leading committees for fundraising events, publicity and social media.
  • I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a former concert and marching band geek 🙂