The Future: iPhone X Portrait Mode on Front-Facing Camera

However, thanks to the help of additional sensors in the nudge on the front of the iPhone X, its front-facing TrueDepth camera can also take Portrait mode selfies.

via Taylor Martin, CNET

via @rosalindprieto Instagram

Forget Animoji, if you’ve seen my Instagram you can see why Portrait Mode is more important to me. People ask me what kind of camera I use for my photos. Answer: my iPhone 7 Plus. What??

Yes, I greatly rely on my phone’s Portrait Mode setting combined with natural light.

When my daughter was younger I used my amazing Canon Rebel T5i to take her portraits. I would stage photoshoots in her nursery and the pictures would come out looking almost professional. However, as she got older she started moving around a lot (as children do). She’s only a toddler but she’s fast. It quickly became difficult for me to lug around the “real” camera in addition to holding her diaper bag, snacks, pacifier, my purse and of course, my phone.

The iPhone became the perfect solution. It was compact, portable and was already there. Where would I go without my phone anyway?

Downsides to using my iPhone 7 Plus for photography:

  • not everyone knows how to use Portrait Mode perfectly, and I only trust one photographer to do it right (me)

  • you’ll see me scarcely in photos with my daughter because the current front-facing camera doesn’t meet my standards

The iPhone X will allow me to be in more pictures with my daughter (selfies) while keeping the visual quality I want.

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