Management is Not Leadership

The rarest commodity is leadership without ego.

Watch this AMAZING TEDx video by Bob Davids at TEDxESCP


  • Management is NOT leadership.
  • Management is control on time, money and quality. People come into play when you’re talking about leadership.
  • Leadership does not involve pushing people (telling them what to do).
  • Leaders pull people. They demonstrate, they lead by example. They “pull” people in a positive, upward direction.
  • Leaders do not take power when given to them. When you take power, it is taken away from you. When you are given power, you give it to others. (I interpret this as empowering others and developing the talent on your team)

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3 thoughts on “Management is Not Leadership

    1. I think it was well-said as well! Yes, unfortunately people think and act as if management and leadership are one and the same. The confusion hurts people and businesses. If you have time, I highly recommend that you watch the video (link in my post). You’ll find it interesting and reassuring, especially since it sounds like you agree with the speaker. Thank you for chatting with me!

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