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Sunday we decided to come out of hiding from our AC paradise. We ventured out into the heatwave to spend time with family. And we’re glad we did!

I took her home in time for her regular bath and sleep time, but before this Addy had an amazing time. She:

  • played with her cousins
  • rolled around in the grass
  • tried to drink a water bottle on her own and spilled it all over outfit #1, a blue romper
  • although others were jealous of Addy’s wet clothes (in this heat), she didn’t like it and Grandma took her away to change into outfit #2
  • ate a Nothing Bundt cake, but just the frosting
  • ate half of a Hostess chocolate cake

via @rosalindprieto Instagram

And finally ended her day by blowing everyone a kiss and saying a nice melodic “bye”.

More photos on Instagram @rosalindprieto

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